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Professional IT and Technical Support

Solvere Tech Support provides professional IT services and technical support to any business type, size and individuals.

Our Goal and Focus

Our goal and focus is to provide solutions that guarantee our customers’ business operations continuity from the technology point of view (hardware & software).

Our high experienced core team have been working together since 2007 providing successfully IT support to companies and individual users. We strive for designing service plans and models that makes sense in the current environment and provide great IT services and solutions at very affordable prices.

Our It Solutions Plans

Our IT Solutions Plans are designed to guarantee stability of the hardware and software operations utilizing preventive and corrective maintenance procedures and cyclical monitoring. In order to achieve this we install state-of-the-art Remote Assistance Systems on each of the computers and or devices that we maintain. The combination between the technology that we use and the best industry practices that we promote is what have make us fill up with success stories and happy customers.


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